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NEVE GENESYS w/Encore automation, DAW control and total mix recall/reset

(24)1073  preamps

(24) 1084 eq's

(8) VR compressors


Barefoot MicroMain27
Yamaha NS10's
KRK Sub10
Aviom Headphone System


ProTools Ultimate
2 x Antelope Orion 64 io
Universal Audio Apollo 8 Quad

Studer A80 24 Track 2" 
Tascam 238 (Awesome 8 track cassette recorder)

Revox PR99 MKlll 1/4" Mix Down Machine


Neumann U87 x2 (Vintage)

Schoeps CMC6 w/MK2 Capsules x2 (Vintage)

Neumann TLM 193 x2

Gefell M93 x2

AEA R88 (Stereo Ribbon) x2 wow very fun to have 2 for drum recording

AEA R84 (Ribbon)

Coles 4038 x2 (Ribbon)

Coles 4050 x2 (Ribbon)

Sontronics Delta (Ribbon)

United Technologies FET47

Luke Audio AL-Y56

Peluso P12

AKG 414 EB P48 x2 (vintage)

AKG C214 x2

AKG D224E x2 (vintage)

AKG D190E x3 (vintage)

AKG D202 (THE ROCKET) x2 (vintage)

AKG D1000E x3 (vintage)

Shure Unidyne iii 57's x4 (vintage)

Shure SM59 x2 (vintage)

Telefunken d77s (stereo dynamic)

Warm Audio WA-8000

Audix D6

Beyerdynamic Opus 88

Beyerdynamic M88

EV RE16 x2 (vintage)

EV RE11 (vintage)

EV RE20 x4

EV 635a x2 (vintage)

EV 654a (vintage)

Heil PR40

Karma K35

Karma K6 x2 (ribbon)

Miktek C5 Cardiod and Omni Capsules x2

Ocean Way ST6050

White Sennheiser 421 x2 (vintage)

Sennheiser 421 x5

Sennheiser 441 (vintage)

Shure Unidyne iii 545s x2 (vintage)

Shure Beta 52 x2

Shure Beta 56 x2

Shure Beta 91

Shure SM7b

Shure Beta 57

Shure SM57 x5

Shure SM58 x2


Various UA
Variouis Waves
Slate Plugin Suite
Sound Toys
Melodyne Pitch Correction

Aturia V Collection

Roland Cloud Ultimate Collection


Tube-Tech CL1B

Manley Stereo Vari Mu Compressor / Limiter
Urei 1178 
API 2500

Focusrite Red 3 Dual Compressor Limiter

Dramastic Audio Obsidian Stereo VCA 

Stam SA 609 (Neve 33609 clone)
Distressor EL8-X w/Brit Mod x2
Hairball Audio 1176 x2
Locomotive Audio 14b (Vari-mu)

Chandler ltd-2
Neve analogue VR x8
DBX 160A x2

DBX 163x x2
Universal Audio 6176
Universal Audio LA610 x2
Audioscape Opto Comp (la2a style)

Audioscape la3a style x2
Aphex Dominator 2
Kush Audio Clariphonic EQ


Neve 1073 (24) 
Universal Audio LA610 (Tube) (2)
Universal Audio 6176 (Tube)

Grace m802 (8)
CAPI vp26 (3)
CAPI vp312 (2)
CAPI vp28
Locomotive Audio 286a (Tube) (2) 
Yamaha PM1000 Pre/Eq (2)


Neve 1084 x24

Maag EQ4M (Stereo)

Audioscape EQP-A  x2

API  560

Yamaha PM1000 x2


Ecoplate I Plate Reverb

AKG BX10 Spring Reverb

Super C MicMix Master Reverb

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Roland RE-150 Space Echo

Maestro Echoplex

Univox EC80 Tape Echo

Lexicon PCM 80

Tascam RS-20

Effectron II x2



'64 Ludwig Club Date Kit (22/12/16))

'70's Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl 22/13/16/18
'70's Ludwig Blue/Olive Badge Kit 20/13/16
'70's Gretsch Custom Maple Kit (Stop Sign Badge 22/13/16)
60's Apollo

90's Yamaha

Ludwig Acrolite 6.5x14 Snare
Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5x14 Snare
Ludwig Black Galaxy 5x14 Snare
Ludwig Black Magic 5x14 Snare
Gretsch Maple 6.5x14 Snare
DW Chrome Over Brass 5.5x14 Snare

Tama 8x14 Snare

Tama 3x14 Snare

Snarebeard 7.5x14 Snare

Boutique Walnut 6.5 x14 Snare

Apollo 6x14 Snare
Assorted  Istanbul/Zildjian/Sabian/Paiste Cymbals Vintage and Modern


1968 Hofner 500/2 Club Bass (Flats)

Hagstrom Viking Bass (Flats)

Generic P Bass (Flats, Sounds Awesome!)

Fender P-Bass MIM (Round Wound)

Fender Tele American Standard 

68' Guild Starfire 

Danelectro 12 String

Fender Tele Mexican 

Gibson B-25-12 String Acoustic

'80s Washburn 12 String Acoustic

'70s Yamaha FG Acoustic

Yamaha FG jr Acoustic

Vintage Nylon String Acoustic


Fender Rhodes Mark 1 88 key

Fender Rhodes Mark 2 

Wurlitzer 200a

AB Chase 6' Grand Piano
Wurlitzer Spinet Piano
Hammond B3 w/Leslie 122a
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 (GliGli Mod)
Juno 60

Korg MS20 
Roland Jupiter Botique
Arp Odyssey
Realistic MG1
Korg Poly 61 (Analog Man Presets)

Yamaha DX7

Korg DW-8000
Micro Korg
Arturia Drumbrute

Roland SPDS

Roland sp404sx
Various Midi Mellotron/Synth Aps




Magnatone Starlite

Fender Twin

Ampeg B15r Heritage Series

Vox AC30

Gibson Skylark

Silvertone 1472

Carvin 100b

Peavey T212 Stereo Chorus

Univox Solid State 

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